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Retro Owl Green Eye Titanium Steel Ring

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Introducing our Vintage Owl Eyes Titanium Ring, designed for those who appreciate both the mystique of owls and the durability of titanium. The centerpiece of this ring features a meticulously detailed pair of owl eyes. The piercing gaze of these owl eyes is beautifully rendered, capturing the enigmatic allure of these majestic birds. Make a statement with a touch of vintage elegance – order our Vintage Owl Eyes Titanium Ring today and let your style take flight with the mesmerizing gaze of the owl.

  • Style: Retro Style
  • Material: Titanium Steel
  • Weight: 24.3 g
  • Width: Width: Min 9.7 mm & Max 20.0 mm

Design Concept

The design of this ring is inspired by the enigmatic allure of owls, symbolizing wisdom, intuition, and mystery. The owl's eyes, available in green, red, or yellow, add a touch of intrigue to the design, capturing the essence of nocturnal beauty and grace. The ring's shape and texture embody a sense of antiquity, paying homage to the timeless aesthetics of the past.


Our skilled artisans meticulously craft each ring from high-quality titanium steel, ensuring durability and resistance to wear. The intricate detailing of the owl's features and feathers is achieved through precise engraving techniques, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication put into each piece. The use of titanium steel provides a smooth, comfortable fit for everyday wear.

Gift Potential<�

The Retro Owl Titanium Steel Ring makes an excellent gift choice for owl lovers, nature enthusiasts, or anyone with an appreciation for distinctive and nostalgic jewelry. Its symbolic representation of wisdom and the timeless charm of owls make it a thoughtful present for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any special occasion.

Available in green, red, or yellow owl eyes, allowing you to choose the color that resonates with you.

Durable and hypoallergenic titanium construction ensures long-lasting wear and comfort.

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